Thursday, February 26, 2009


it's the time when flowers bloom. time when lover united. time to wear your trustworthy gladiator sandal. . .
as spring comes, and many magazines tell us how to keep our fabulousness in this spring/summer 2009 exist, we take some inspiration from the runway world.

faded floral

geometric print and barely-there tones beige shoes

bright color

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

after dark

we imagined, what's it like to be an after-dark lady at red district.

for more pictures, click this link :

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

fashionably freak

hello hello someone out there
so the main (and first) we decided to blog was simply because we wanted to show people about our photo-shoot (the freak one) and since we are not the super-duper Anna Wintour, we don't have Patrick Demarchelier phone number in our speed-dial. so using only my digicam and L's tripod we made the photo-shoot.
when i first came to L's bedroom that night,  i found her tennis cap, and her satin Hermes look-alike scarf, and i decided to wear them together on my head. only for fun. i imagined i was on the 60's -just like Jackie O wear her scarf wrapped around her head- but i added tennis cap. then L followed. 

B told us to do it seriously. so, we finally made our first photo-shoot. we used L's clothes because we were at her house that night.
these photos below are from photo session 1 :

why we called it fashionably-freak, because, as you can see :
Moi : wore L's mom's vintage bodysuit circa 80, my black skinny-pants from Cheap Monday, L' dad's vintage Bally brown leather boots, yellow mustard Balenciaga, Zara fedora hat, and two belts.
L : wore her black boots (she bought them online, only to found out she had to pay 3 times of the real price, she even barely wear them by the way), white ann taylor sleeveless blouse, black leather belt from Mango, and the rest are anything that she took from her closet
B : wore X(S.M.L) shoes (Indonesian Brand), blue dress, Charles and Keith pink clutch and the rest are anything that she'd found in L' closet.

fore more pictures, click this link :

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prisca 21st birthday

hey everyone out there..!!
remember my best friend, Prisca ? the one where drama always follow her wherever she goes ? yay yay that's her.
she decided to make huge-luxurious brunch for her 21st birthday party. although, it was not a really brunch. it was lunch. because it was held at 1 pm. 
the so-called brunch was held at cafe Mulia, at Mulia Hotel. The Bacarrat room. where there was a real black Bacarrat chandelier hanged at ceiling.
SPSP -> same people same party
the guests were the same guest at Prisca 20th birthday dinner party.
Moi, wore Missoni's classic print dress.
B, wore a blue dress she bought at portobello market (yap, that Portobello, UK) and sweetened it with brown leather Chacarel belt.
L, wore a halter neck mini dress.
E, wore my blue dress. (my best friend, Shasha -she lives in Tokyo, so you will barely she her photo in this blog- gave it to me. it was a designer dress made by some Japanese famous designer, i forgot the name)
P, wore a pink dress with tied which formed X accent on the back dress. it was Marciano. but, kinda remind me of the movie Lady X. the dress was a gift from her ex- boyfriend (their facebook status : it's complicated, by the way).
it was adorable day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

fvcklentine party

so, the valentine had -thank god- finally passed. it was a depressing day for us, the single ladies.
we and other friends decided to make a valentine party for singles. but B, called it fvcklentine, because she had just broken up with her one-year-old together boyfriend. these months (Jan-feb) were the hardest time for her, because B thought she and her former boyfriend were meant to be together. 
anyway, our venue was Samarra, located at Menteng (the most prestigious place in Jakarta, Indonesia, just like NYC has upper east side).
i also include photos of my other best-friends, Embun and Prisca.
i didn't feel like i was wearing dress that night, because it wasn't really a party, so i decided to wear my Gap basic-classic white shirt, denim body-con topshop skirt with gold zipper right in the middle (as i found out, you can wear this skirt as a top), lace tight from oasis, and my zara ankle boots.
B wore 2 pieces that night, she wanted to show some cleavage as a revenge, so she decided to wear red blouse, and black bubble skirt from body and soul.
L also wore two pieces, black see-thru blouse from mama&leon (Indonesian designer, same price with topshop/zara) and right in the waist gold skirt also from body and soul.
while Prisca and Embun decided to wear dress. Prisca is the one who wore the animal print dress, while Embun is the one who wear dress with skinny brown with gold studs from Zara kids.
and the another girl who also wore red lipstick was Angela. she is NYLONcism, while me,B, and L are teenVogue reader. 


so, here we are, making blog, just like everybody else.
we've already had facebook, if we want our photos to be looked at, but blogging is different. 
My name is Tya and i have two super bestgirlfriends, whom i could rely on to when it comes to fashion. They are Bonita and Lia. let say, they are my co-authors in writing this blog. we are Indonesian, you know, small country which is located above Australia on your map.
if you dont know where Indonesia is, you must know about Bali. the Islands of God. well, Bali is one of Indonesia's province. so, we guess, you kinda know where we actually live.
this blog will be our sanctuary to discuss about fashion. in Indonesia, people had not given any thought about fashion. but, during 5 years, we have a progress. we have Elle magazine came in.
we have super biggest Malls which is offering the best designer brand, like Chanel, Gucci, Bottega, Versace, etc.
Topshop had even opened their store here, before they open their store at United States. Sure, Topshop in US must be bigger than Topshop in Indonesia. 
But what make us proud is, Harvey Nichols opened their store last year. 
In fashion world, we notice Indonesia still a baby. but a baby grow up, right.
enough for the introduction. 
we try to post our photo, every time we post our blog.