Sunday, July 5, 2009

acid washed denim

bonnie wore her one-of-a-kind acid washed jeans (bought it at flea market for only less than $1), and she paired it with her oxford shoes.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

my brother got accepted early in ITB

we heart KFC
and the PEPSI

my baby brother got accepted early in ITB, so i decided...
wait.. it was Lia who decided to make lil party to celebrate. 
but it wasn't her who threw the party. it was me. you little batak bitch!!
well, so i invited my best friend for having fried chicken and pepsi cola party @ KFC kemang.
all hail Kolonel Sanders.

bonnie : samuel and kevin boots
mulberry bag
dress cost less than $3 (bought at flea market)

this is me : pale denim jeans jacket, cost less than $1 (bought at flea market)
zara kid dres
zara wedges
my mum's handbag

at Die Stube (germany pub)
l-r : bonnie, me, lia, embun

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spending night with my best friends

getting ready

Lia.... was... well, i didn't have any idea what's she doing actually

sama goes with Bonnie, why did my two girls having photo shoot inside ladies room, on pispot ??

a touch of blue in the sea of nude hue

ain't she sweet and cool ? :)

tall, pretty, wear kate spade

just the four of us :)
 me likey likey :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

going dancing

friday night, and i was full of energy, because for the whole week, i spent my days stayed at home, because i didn't feel like going anywhere.
my best friends, bonie and lia, called me to go to public (club/lounge name) and i said yes.
and danced away those calories baby..!!

i wore : my trustworthy jersey top from topshop
stripes pink-white miniskirt from insight (got it from sale when i went to bali, for like 60 grand rupiahs/around $6)
my shoes from nine west

lia wore : black mama & leon see-thru top pair it with mango basic tube top
zara shoes

bonnie wore : mango denim skirt

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Killing time

one word that my friend findry usually use when she's bored.
and i was matik. so i went to her house, brought my clothes and we did some photoshoot. she has a blog too.
here are the result:

my shoes are from nine west. i got 'em from sale. yeeiy!!
my trustworthy skirt from topshop
my jersey top from topshop
my sunglasses is red rayban wayfarer, bought it in bangkok. one of my best purchase.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

celebrating my 21st.

21 years old. geez.. 
i cant believe i'm 21 now.
well, i decided to celebrate my cakeday with my closest friends.
it was held at PORTOBELLO, Mid Plaza-Intercontinental Hotel, Sudirman Street.
since i desperately wanna be a new yorker, the dress code for my cakeday, is NEW YORKER.
and, as for the dress.. well, do you remember Patricia Field, the stylist behind stylish movie such as SEX and the CITY and Confession of Shopaholic.? 
well, i bought the dress from her collaborating line with Marks&Spencer. that woman is total genius. if only i had money, i would rather hire her as my stylist than rachel zoe.
anyway, the dress i bought is exactly the same with what Carrie Bradshaw wore on first scene in SATC the movie. well,not exactly the same. mine is black, and hers is white.
and i thank for every guests who had come to my blown-candle day.

me :  Patricia Field dress, and FCUK strappy sandal
Lia :  Zara shoes ( that was my gift for her 20th birthday), Mango Belt, and dress she bought was from Chic Simple, but it looks like from DVF.

Bonnie : wore vintage dress which her immensely rich Aunt, bought it in What Comes Around Goes Around when she went to LA. the shoes from x.sml

my birthday cupcakes

well, now that portobello's over, next destination is Dragonfly. dance away those calories we collect from nachos, calamari, and  french fries. ;-)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


bonita and ate posed in front of big motorcycle at senayan city in the afternoon. they both happened wearing leather jacket, and as we headed to plasa senayan (just accros senayan city) i quickly snapped the photo of them walking down the street, before the securities came toward us and lecturing about we can't take any photos of those biggy motorcycle rules.

b wore black leather converse. 
cute top tucked in to blue jeans, and add belt for tougher look.
brown mulberry bag
and black leather jacket which is mine.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

praline the sequel

skirt : zara
bag : kate spade
oxford shoes : melissa

hat : zara man
top : topshop
denim body-con skirt : topshop
wedges : zara
bag : longchamp

Sunday, March 22, 2009


i wore : vintage dress
black boots (with heels of course)
balenciaga bag with chanel scarf

bonnie wore : her cute gucci flat shoes
forever 21 bando
marks&spencer trench coat

a nice-cute place for hang out with your loved one (boyfriend/girlfriend/best friends/husband/wive) in south jakarta. serves french culinary.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


In Indonesia, we have a very strict rule about uniform. 
National Uniforms. 
For an elementary school, we have white shirt, with red shorts for boys, and skirts for girls. Junior High kids wearing a white shirt with navy blue pants/skirts. While Senior High fellows have to be satisfied by wearing white shirt, gray pants/skirts.
Tops can't be too small/tight let alone wearing heels to school. These rules applied only to Public School and some respectable school. Such as Labschool. (me & T school) (hahahahaha, sorry L), Cause L went to catholic school, for her entire life, which always have plaid skirt all the time.
GossipGirl is a major influence in  a preppy section of style. L was obssesed by The Clique, while T and me was obssesed with Githa Moran. hahahaa. kidding.
This time L wore gray leggings, under D&G plaid short. Combine with white shirt by Donna Karan and completed by marks&spencer trench coat. Black ankle boots by ZARA
T, put on some Serene Van Der Woodsen style savvy, floral skirt from Portobello market, Vintage silk  top, and black vest designed by herself. Her shoes was black suede mid length booties.
While me, i wore shocking pink blazer by Ann Taylor, untop of black Ralph Lauren LBD. Sweetened with  L's mom Vintage Cartier shawl. Shoes vintage boots BALLY (L's dad's). These boots come with a little story, which is : L's dad bought it back in 1980 (switzerland), before he proposed L's mom. aaawwwwww...
what do u think? are we cool enough to be in Tvogue?
kiss kiss,
B and L

as orange as Hermes

when our goddess, the uber-cool Vic Beckham got into that Marc Jacobs whitey shopping bag, it was a phenomenal!!
Thats when we wonder if Gaultier ever made one, and us as the face of the campaign lol.
As Hermes very orange, we balanced it with  washed denim and white top.
we thought it as CK jeans campaign meet Hermes. Just like Acne/Lanvin.
remember Angela the NYLONisme bff of ours? She wanted to join us this time.
So here we are, campaigning the campaign. 
These time is dedicated for the one and only Monsieur Jean Paul Gaultier.
xoxo B and T

Thursday, February 26, 2009


it's the time when flowers bloom. time when lover united. time to wear your trustworthy gladiator sandal. . .
as spring comes, and many magazines tell us how to keep our fabulousness in this spring/summer 2009 exist, we take some inspiration from the runway world.

faded floral

geometric print and barely-there tones beige shoes

bright color