Monday, May 18, 2009

Spending night with my best friends

getting ready

Lia.... was... well, i didn't have any idea what's she doing actually

sama goes with Bonnie, why did my two girls having photo shoot inside ladies room, on pispot ??

a touch of blue in the sea of nude hue

ain't she sweet and cool ? :)

tall, pretty, wear kate spade

just the four of us :)
 me likey likey :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

going dancing

friday night, and i was full of energy, because for the whole week, i spent my days stayed at home, because i didn't feel like going anywhere.
my best friends, bonie and lia, called me to go to public (club/lounge name) and i said yes.
and danced away those calories baby..!!

i wore : my trustworthy jersey top from topshop
stripes pink-white miniskirt from insight (got it from sale when i went to bali, for like 60 grand rupiahs/around $6)
my shoes from nine west

lia wore : black mama & leon see-thru top pair it with mango basic tube top
zara shoes

bonnie wore : mango denim skirt

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Killing time

one word that my friend findry usually use when she's bored.
and i was matik. so i went to her house, brought my clothes and we did some photoshoot. she has a blog too.
here are the result:

my shoes are from nine west. i got 'em from sale. yeeiy!!
my trustworthy skirt from topshop
my jersey top from topshop
my sunglasses is red rayban wayfarer, bought it in bangkok. one of my best purchase.