Wednesday, April 22, 2009

celebrating my 21st.

21 years old. geez.. 
i cant believe i'm 21 now.
well, i decided to celebrate my cakeday with my closest friends.
it was held at PORTOBELLO, Mid Plaza-Intercontinental Hotel, Sudirman Street.
since i desperately wanna be a new yorker, the dress code for my cakeday, is NEW YORKER.
and, as for the dress.. well, do you remember Patricia Field, the stylist behind stylish movie such as SEX and the CITY and Confession of Shopaholic.? 
well, i bought the dress from her collaborating line with Marks&Spencer. that woman is total genius. if only i had money, i would rather hire her as my stylist than rachel zoe.
anyway, the dress i bought is exactly the same with what Carrie Bradshaw wore on first scene in SATC the movie. well,not exactly the same. mine is black, and hers is white.
and i thank for every guests who had come to my blown-candle day.

me :  Patricia Field dress, and FCUK strappy sandal
Lia :  Zara shoes ( that was my gift for her 20th birthday), Mango Belt, and dress she bought was from Chic Simple, but it looks like from DVF.

Bonnie : wore vintage dress which her immensely rich Aunt, bought it in What Comes Around Goes Around when she went to LA. the shoes from x.sml

my birthday cupcakes

well, now that portobello's over, next destination is Dragonfly. dance away those calories we collect from nachos, calamari, and  french fries. ;-)


  1. well i have finally checked your blog again....good thing ur birthday is on this page

  2. thanks for folowing my blog. i followed you too!!